‘WWE Legends’ House’ Season 1, Episode 5 recap: Express Yourselves

‘WWE Legends’ House’ Season 1, Episode 5 recap: Express Yourselves

They say sports-entertainment is a true art form, and on this week’s episode of “WWE Legends’ House,” the boys went from their experience on one canvas to another. In an art show for the Palm Springs community, the Legends painted their very best work. But first, they had to eat.

Episode 5's Fink Factor

After last week’s eventful journey to Las Vegas, the former mat competitors were all tuckered out and took to a relaxing evening in the House. Tony Atlas and Hillbilly Jim headed off to a Spanish butcher shop, where they snagged several southern delicacies for dinner. Atlas, who considers himself an expert at the stove in addition to on the weights, cooked up a feast featuring pigs' feet, chitlins and oxtail. As he prepared the meal, he even mentioned the necessity to remove all the “doodoo balls.” And as “Mr. USA” said himself, “You never know what might show in Atlas Kitchen.”

But Tony’s housemates were none too pleased with the grub’s odor. Except for Hillbilly, the boys stayed as far away from being cooks in the kitchen as possible.

The following day, a bikini-clad Ashley called the Legends out to the pool for some water aerobics. Their instructor, Ann-Britt, was quite the drill sergeant and became frustrated with her pupils’ inability to learn the exercises. Pat Patterson mentioned he and his comrades all looked like old ladies and deserved to be spoken to like babies for their effort. But somehow, The Mouth of the South’s hair remained intact.

Photos of the Legends in the pool | Exclusive video highlights

For the episode’s finale, the crew was tasked with painting four pieces for a one-night-only Legends’ House charity art exhibition. The original work would be paired with the Legends’ portraits that had been hanging around their House. Tony, who paints for relaxation, initially refused to be forced to produce art, but eventually relented and painted a clown — fitting for a man with his boisterous chuckle.

In the evening, with a little last-minute megaphone promotion from The Mouth of the South, the Palm Springs art lover community gathered to view the canvases and bid on the pieces in a silent auction. With Tony selling his first-ever piece of art and more than $12,000 being raised for charity, the event turned out to be truly legendary.

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