The Fink Factor: May 15, 2014

The Fink Factor: May 15, 2014

With “The Fink Factor,” I will strive to expound on a few items from each week’s episode of “WWE Legends’ House,” and also drop a couple of choice tidbits here and there from my overall experience. Without further ado …

When I entered “Legends’ House,” I told myself to expect the unexpected. And no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done, it’s been a unique experience thus far. Which brings me to this week’s episode.

  • As you’ve seen, we have a beautiful pool at our disposal, and I fully thought it was going to be for leisure use. None of us expected an early morning wakeup call, or to find Ashley poolside, informing us we were going to partake in an aquatic exercise session. Instructing the class was a lady by the name of Ann-Britt. Folks, she meant business! I swear, she was the female equivalent of Sgt. Slaughter! She truly put us through the “water grinder,” right from the get-go. Ask Pat Patterson about it.
  • I also must tell you that kudos go to Jimmy Hart. During the aquatic session, the loquacious one did everything in his power to keep his “coiffure” in place. While a few of us did what we could to “make a splash,” Jimmy did his best Artful Dodger impression and weathered the storm.
  • Chitterlings? Pig’s feet? A meal that was fit for Tony Atlas and Hillbilly Jim, but not for the remaining six housemates. As much as Tony was praised for cooking up some great chicken a few weeks ago, I can tell you that we had no idea that Tony effectively went into business for himself in getting those items. It made him and Hillbilly happy, but in the grand scheme of all things “Legends’ House,” not so much.
  • The creating of art renderings was a fun thing to do, and for a worthy cause. We had every color of the rainbow to work with in paint, pencils, etc. It was challenging to produce the amount of artwork that we did, but we had fun doing it. And for the record, I could care less what Gene Okerlund said about my crossword rendering. Although it was not selected for the auction, I thought I did as good a job as possible.
  • We held the auction in an old building about two-and-a-half blocks off the beaten path where a weekly street fair takes place in Palm Springs. The Mouth of the South was at his barking best in directing folks to come see us and bid on the works of art. Hard work from all housemates did pay off, as a fair amount of money was raised for a worthy cause.
  • And why was I tasked with closing up shop at the end of the night??? Hmmm…

Be back next week. Thanks for reading!

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