Big Daddy V leaves his mark

Big Daddy V leaves his mark

Have you noticed a strange shift of gravity in the Land of the Extreme? Everybody has been falling toward a certain force whether they like it or not and once they get there, there is no escaping. The entity is, of course, Big Daddy V, and to the fear of the ECW roster, it appears whatever gets thrown at this guy only makes him stronger.

Like a tank in the heat of battle, Big Daddy V has been rolling without slowing his pace. Bullets in the form of Handicap Matches bounce off of him. Bombs like placing him in back-to-back matches are nothing. A minefield like pitting him against ECW Original Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match is child's play. Put him through any challenge at all and he will keep pushing forward. Is there anything that can stop him -- or at least slow him down?

"Honestly, no," said his teacher, Matt Striker. "I have run all kinds of formulas, every ‘A squared times B squared times C squared' variation possible, and on paper he is indestructible. The pinnacle of our great form of sports-entertainment lies atop the heads of Superstars such as Undertaker and Triple H. Wait till Daddy gets home, gentlemen."

The world where ECW Superstars roam had its order not long ago. But ever since Striker was terrorized by Boogeyman on the worst birthday of his life, there has been a very big change.

"We do what we want, when we want, and there's nothing anyone can do about it," beamed a proud teacher.

The Extreme Educator used his intelligence to find this behemoth, and has remained safe by the apron of the squared circle.

"I selected Daddy carefully from a wide array of Superstars both here in WWE and around the world," he said. "When I first met Big Daddy V, he greeted me with a smile. We have been friends ever since. It was only natural that our business sense and passion would combine before the eyes of the wrestling world."

Striker has certainly found his vehicle to the top of the ECW food chain with his enormous enforcer. A one-sided rivalry between him and Boogeyman quickly turned into one between Big Daddy V and the worm enthusiast -- and the new father of extreme has had the advantage thus far.

Big Daddy V has had a leg up on everybody in his path, perhaps making Striker the luckiest man in ECW. In his debut contest, the mammoth made quick work of his opponent. The following week, he faced two men in a Handicap Match. When the results were no different, he took on three competitors at once. After that cake walk, he was thrown into two matches in a row -- one against the talented CM Punk and the other against Dreamer. After embarrassing them, General Manager Armando Estrada set up an Extreme Rules Match between the beast and the Original. But Big Daddy V makes every game his own, and in his video game of ECW on Sci Fi, he continues to swallow each opponent whole, as he advances level after level.

"I expected all this," Striker announced. "I knew this would happen. Clairvoyance aside, if you look at Daddy's permanent record, this is all par for the course. The time is now."

The long-term goal for this duo?

"As any great mind in history," Striker said, "my goal is to take over the world."

Who is the next brave soul who will try to slay the monster? Be sure to watch ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesdays at 10/9 CT to find out.

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