Striker's top five reasons why Big Daddy V cannot be stopped

Striker's top five reasons why Big Daddy V cannot be stopped

Hello. This is Matt Striker, your teacher, and I am here to deliver an extra credit lesson in an exemplifying student and an asset to the Land of the Extreme, Big Daddy V. I give you five simple reasons why he cannot lose. Learn them, memorize them and recite them.

1. History has shown us that smart, agile, big men have enjoyed great success in sports-entertainment. We have watched films of Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Kane, Don Leo Jonathan, Yokozuna and the like. Daddy is a student of the game.

2. Dominance. He, of all people, knows that his time is imminent. And his time is now.

3. Indomitable. Daddy is afraid of nothing. He is fear. And a man with impenetrable nerve is a man without bounds.

4. Power and poise. Some things cannot be taught. Power - especially that of a genetic monstrosity like Big Daddy V - cannot be achieved, even in the classroom. Daddy has been a star all of his life. He has the qualities necessary to rule the wrestling world.

5. Lastly, but not least, the final reason Big Daddy V cannot be stopped: me, Matt Striker, your teacher!

Big Daddy V leaves his mark

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