Help is on the way?

Help is on the way?

READING, Pa. -- A battered and heavily-bandaged Colin Delaney finally found a savior of sorts on this week's ECW -- Tommy Dreamer. It was the newcomer's sixth time in the ECW ring, and after losing another match -- this time a brutal Handicap Match against WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison -- Delaney was aided by the ECW Original. Has the youngster finally caught a break -- and a found an ally -- in Dreamer? (WATCH)

Also on Tuesday night, Kane and Shelton Benjamin faced off in one-on-one competition. Last week, ECW's "Gold Standard" was victorious over the Big Red Machine during the Over-the-Top Rope Challenge. This week, Benjamin took a giant Kane boot to the face, then fled the ring, with Kane winning by count-out. Has the Gold Standard finally met his match? Is Kane enough to silence Benjamin?

In other ECW action, the Land of the Extreme's newest Superstar, Kofi Kingston, continued to garner the support of our fans, as the Jamaican Superstar won his second straight match. Kingston is happy to take on any trouble that may arise in Tuesday night paradise. What challenges await Kingston?

Fresh off her Best Body Contest win last week, Kelly Kelly put her in-ring skills to the test against Victoria. In Kelly Kelly's case, the blonde didn't have more fun Tuesday night, as former Women's Champion Victoria laid her out with a Widow's Peak, while Lena Yada and Layla watched at ringside. After the match, Lena and Layla -- obviously still angry about losing last week's Best Body Contest -- rushed into the ring and left Kelly face-down on the mat.

Finally, CM Punk faced Elijah Burke on ECW. Despite being robbed of the ECW Title last week, the Straightedge Superstar got right back to his winning ways, as he was triumphant over Burke after a devastating GTS. Punk's party continued later in the night when he crashed Chavo Guerrero's Championship Fiesta. (WATCH) Read more…

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