Chavo: ECW Cham-piñata

Chavo: ECW Cham-piñata

READING, Pa. -- New ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero's celebration for last week's golden accomplishment started out like a national holiday. The mariachi band was playing, our fans in Pennsylvania were in attendance and the guest of honor was in the ring. It was an all-out fiesta. But all good parties have to end sometime, and CM Punk made sure of that.

Unable to attend due to his girlfriend, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero's, injuries, World Heavyweight Champion Edge was celebrating via a pre-recorded video. He also sent a highlight reel of Chavo's career for the ECW Champion to enjoy. The Ultimate Opportunist thanked Chavo for giving Vickie her dream: A family of champions between ECW and SmackDown.

The fiesta quickly turned into a siesta when the Straightedge Superstar, disguised as a member of the band, revealed his identity and pummeled the champion with a guitar. The colors of Chavo's party were shadowed by one, as Guerrero looked up to the sole sight of Punk holding his gold.

During their string of contests, Chavo called CM Punk a stepping stone between him and the title. He seems more like a boomerang than a stone, though, as he keeps coming back. Guerrero is no stranger to this behavior, as he perpetually pursued Punk until he had the ECW Championship. Our fans should not expect any different from the Straightedge Superstar in his new role as challenger.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Edge, Vickie and the rest of the Guerrero clan could be there next time. And when you mess with Chavo, it's a family affair.

Be sure to find out what Punk's next step will be toward reclaiming the gold. Watch ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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