Ain't no stoppin' him

Ain't no stoppin' him

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- With all eyes on new ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero, Shelton Benjamin could be targeting Guerrero's newly-won gold. Benjamin proved once again there ain't no stopping him, as he was victorious in an Over-the-Top Rope Challenge on ECW, edging out fellow Royal Rumble participants. The "Gold Standard" showed his athleticism on Tuesday night, and his winning streak could continue into the 30-man game of endurance Sunday at the Rumble. Is it Benjamin's time? Can he win the Rumble match?

Also on Tuesday, Kofi Kingston made his ECW debut. The Jamaican Superstar was victorious over a local contender, and looked ready to take care of any trouble that may arise in the Extreme paradise called ECW. (WATCH)

Speaking of paradise … Kelly Kelly, Layla and Lena Yada competed in a Best Body Contest on Tuesday night, and the Divas looked even more perfect in HDTV. Our fans declared Kelly Kelly the winner through their cheers, but Layla and Lena weren't pleased. Layla knocked Kelly Kelly face-first to the mat, with Lena by her side.

In other action, an injured and bandaged Colin Delaney returned to ECW for a fifth time, facing another one of sports-entertainment's giants, The Great Khali. Delaney, who stood frozen in fear at the sight of Khali, was demolished after a vicious Vise Grip. Will the persistent Delaney have the guts to return to ECW again?

Finally, Chavo Guerrero defeated CM Punk for the ECW Championship on Tuesday, following a huge assist from Edge. The World Heavyweight Champion speared Punk before Chavo got the pin in the No Disqualification Match, as SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero looked on with delight. (WATCH) Read more…

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