Chavo's night

Chavo's night

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- On the very first edition of ECW on Sci Fi in 2008, Chavo Guerrero made a personal oath to earn championship gold this year, promising that CM Punk would be his "stepping stone" to achieving that accolade. Tonight in Virginia, Chavo made good on his resolution and became the new ECW Champion, with a decent amount of help from his newfound "familia" -- a family that includes the Rated-R Superstar. (WATCH)

As the collaborative Guerrero clan explained earlier in the night, it was to be "Chavo's night" and the entire family was on-hand to witness it. With World Heavyweight Champion Edge in his corner (and Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder and SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero all watching carefully from the locker room), Chavo boasted a heavily unfair advantage -- an advantage that was only amplified with the last minute pre-bell announcement that the title match would be a "No Disqualification" encounter.

Intent on retaining the gold, Punk fought off almost every attempt to skew the favor. Still, the Straightedge Superstar simply could not overcome the clear disadvantage, as were the circumstances when Edge essentially stole the World Title at Armageddon.

An aggressive CM Punk even came within inches of putting away Chavo by landing his GTS on the challenger. Suddenly, Edge sprang from ringside, entered the ring and speared Punk to the mat. Three counts from the referee later, the Straightedge Superstar was no longer the gold-bearer in the Land of the Extreme.

For two weeks straight, CM Punk had prevailed against his foe -- by count-out and disqualification, respectively. Just last Tuesday, the X-factor (in this case, "R-factor") proved to be Edge, who physically involved himself in the third Punk/Chavo war and aided Guerrero in garnering a count-out victory. The Rated-R Superstar's actions would seem to be enough for Chavo to embrace the romantic coupling of Edge and Chavo's aunt, Vickie -- one big happy family, as seen on Friday night. (WATCH)

On ECW on Sci Fi, the Guerrero family bond grew stronger as the nefarious Ultimate Opportunist shared some of his signature tactics with Chavo, giving him the opportunity to snare the ECW Title.

Since the fall of 2007, CM Punk fought to retain the gold against all-comers and all odds. But on this night, the combined calculative effort of Chavo, the World Heavyweight Champion and Vickie proved just too insurmountable. Though it took a handful of others to successfully steal the gold, Chavo (and company) ultimately ended the Straightedge Superstar's reign that carried the Land of the Extreme into the New Year.

Chavo Guerrero is, in fact, the new ECW Champion, but Punk is certainly not the type of Superstar to hide and lick his wounds. Just as the former champion retaliated against Chavo after his cowardly attack on the last live ECW of 2007, the Straightedge Superstar will likely be looking for retribution … and along with it, the ECW Title.

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