Make you own WWE-themed barbeque! (cont.)


Hash browns sound more appropriate for a late morning brunch, but this recipe’s just “Too Sweet” to resist for grillin’. Wrap your potatoes and Monterey Jack cheese into a large piece of foil, but not before slathering on heaps of olive oil, butter and J.R.’s Bar-B-Q seasoning. Try it once, and this new world entrée will be part of your barbeque regimen “4 Life.”




Hornswoggle's Cornswoggles
Yeah, the name doesn’t sound appetizing, but don’t sell it short. Wrap up your minidogs in cornmeal dough, add some honey mustard, and these grilled little piggies in blankets will deliver super-sized flavor within minutes.





Mark Henry's World's Strongest HamTHE WORLD'S STRONGEST HAM

The sandwich world never had it so tough with this triple-thick, Mesquite-smoked monster. If that’s not enough of a challenge, stack some limburger cheese and jalapenos on top, then try to pin it all down on super-thick Texas toast. Trust us – your sides will hurt so much you won’t ask for seconds.





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