Make your own WWE-themed barbeque!

Let’s face it – barbeques rock. In fact, the only thing better are WWE-themed barbeques. So we grabbed a few bottles of Jim Ross’ Bar-B-Q sauces (available exclusively at and cooked up some dishes with a unique WWE Superstar slant. What we’ve come up with is all in good taste, so before killjoys like The Miz or Christian show up ... Hit the Grill Switch!

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Booker T-Bone Steak

WWE barbeques should serve up the only highest quality beef, but there’s a trick to cooking this 5-star, 5-star, 5-STAR! dish. Keep the steak center positioned on the grill at all times while spinning 360 degrees every 90 seconds. This maximizes the flavor for those who prefer their steak raw around the edges, and those who like it smacked-down well done. Can you dig in ... SUCKA?!


Daniel Bryan's LeBell Lox
A vegan like Daniel Bryan might not be into fish, but putting this smoked salmon on a bagel will make your taste buds tap out.





Air Boom Brats

Even Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston can’t soar higher than the aromatic juices of slow-cooked bratwurst, especially when it's paired with caramelized onion and sautéed apple pieces. It’s a culinary S.O.S., ‘cause you’ll hear all your friends shoutin’ for more!





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