Superstars tweet respects to Paul Bearer

Superstars tweet respects to Paul Bearer

In a WWE career that spanned three decades, Paul Bearer (born William Moody) entertained fans as one of sports-entertainment's most recognizable managers in history. While he might have terrified youngsters with an iconic shrill voice upon his WWE arrival in 1991, Paul Bearer truly became one of WWE's most beloved personalities. ( PAUL BEARER'S ALUMNI PROFILE)

Mostly known for helping to catapult The Undertaker to championships, Moody also helped launch the WWE careers of Kane and Mankind. Prior to joining WWE, Bearer worked under the persona of Percy Pringle in World Class Championship Wrestling and elsewhere, where he nurtured the talents of ring greats including Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Lex Luger and Ultimate Warrior. It should come as no surprise that when news broke of Moody's passing on Tuesday evening, more than just fans were compelled to pay respects. ( OFFICIAL STATEMENT)

New to Twitter, Triple H was one of the first to comment on the sad passing:

Triple H's good pal Kevin Nash voiced his support for a potential WWE Hall of Fame induction:

Several Hall of Famers, including 2012 inductee Edge (who battled Undertaker and Bearer on many occasions), paid respects:

Another Hall of Famer posted a recent photo of the legendary manager:

Ricardo Rodriguez, who performs a similar function for Alberto Del Rio as Bearer did for The Undertaker, commented on how he learned from Bearer:

Tyson Kidd, who came of age during Bearer's heyday, remarked on how Bearer was often imitated, but will never be duplicated:

William Regal, one of the most respected men in the WWE locker room, commented on Bearer's true character:

Former WWE competitor and ECW Original Tommy Dreamer remembered Bearer's early days as Percy Pringle:

Even Ignatius took a rare leave of absence from Damien Sandow's Twitter account to allow Sandow to add a few thoughts:

"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase certainly butted heads with Bearer during the 1990s, but in 2013, DiBiase mourned the sad loss:

Another man who was there since Bearer's beginnings in WWE, WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel, paid his respects:

Finkel's successor and longtime WWE fan Justin Roberts also had kind words for Bearer:

Bearer led The Undertaker to a victory over Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship in 1991, but that's old news for The Hulkster:

X-Pac struggled to find the words to articulate his profound sadness for the loss, but eventually tweeted several remarks, concluding with this photo:

John Cena profoundly mourned Bearer's sad passing:

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