'Star Wars' week on UpUpDownDown

'Star Wars' week on UpUpDownDown

UpUpDownDown, WWE’s rebel gaming channel on YouTube, is helping to build up the excitement for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" by releasing a video every day this week relating to the new game, "Star Wars Battlefront."

From Monday through Thursday, Austin Creed (aka Xavier Woods) will have a WWE Superstar or other notable face within the company playing alongside (or against) him as they both nerd out on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens'” impending release. Appearing Superstars will include:

Monday: Billy Kidman (Watch it here)

Tuesday: Big E (Part 1) (Watch it here)

Wednesday: Zack Ryder (Watch it here)

Thursday: Big E (Part 2)

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There will be an additional bonus video on Friday, revisiting Creed playing "Star Wars Battlefront" with a Superstar who’s very familiar with space in Stardust.

May the Force be with the UpUpDownDown Universe this week!

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