7 video games we wish were real

7 video games we wish were real

WWE Superstars have been a mainstay in video games ever since the Nintendo Power Glove was in fashion. But what if our favorite grapplers invaded other gaming genres throughout history? Grab a controller and join WWE.com as we imagine eight video games starring WWE Superstars that we’d stay up all night playing … even on a school night. Who’s got next? 

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‘Escape The Compound 2,’ 1991, Sega Genesis

7 video games we wish were real

Starring: The Wyatt Family and Paige 

It’s just a regular day on the road for Paige as the former Divas Champion travels from Raw to SmackDown for another big match. But after a flat tire, she mysteriously ends up at the infamous Wyatt Family Compound.

This hasn’t happened by chance. Bray Wyatt is looking to expand his family beyond Erick Rowan, Luke Harper and Braun Strowman, and he thinks a Diva like Paige is a perfect candidate.

Using only your wits, avoid Wyatt and his Wyatt Family followers in this survivor horror title and escape the compound at all costs. If you don’t, then Paige will soon follow the buzzards. 

‘Dean’s Dirty Deeds,’ 1996, Sony PlayStation

7 video games we wish were real

Starring: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

The eely Seth Rollins shattered Dean Ambrose’s world when he turned on The Shield to join The Authority, but he’ll come to rue the day. Ambrose knows exactly how to get under Rollins’ skin, and he isn’t holding back anymore.

In a mission to destroy Rollins’ life, you control Ambrose as he sneaks, stalks, commandeers and boobie-traps various items throughout arenas across the country to put egg on the face of Mr. Money in the Bank. In online Hot Dog mode, race your friends and sabotage one another with slippery hair gel, devastating popcorn kernels and vehicle-chasing Hounds of Justice.

But be careful, if J&J Security catches you creeping around, you’ll find yourself in a none-too-pleasant meeting with the COO.

‘Brothers of Destruction,’ 1992, Super Nintendo

7 video games we wish were real

Starring: The Undertaker & Kane

Evil forces have absconded with The Undertaker’s signature urn, and The Phenom must team up with The Devil’s Favorite Demon, Kane, to form the greatest game duo since Mario and Luigi.

In this side-scrolling action-adventure, The Brothers of Destruction must use their supernatural powers — including scorching fireballs and eerie electric attacks — to navigate 16 bone-chilling stages swarming with ghouls, skeletons and other horrors that go bump in the night. Play with a friend to unlock bonus abilities in co-op combat that’s sure to make your foes rest in peace.

Can The Brothers of Destruction retrieve the sacred urn from the clutches of unimaginable horror?

‘The Quest for the Cosmic Key,’ 1999, Sega Dreamcast

7 video games we wish were real

Starring: Goldust and Stardust

Goldust and Stardust have misplaced the Cosmic Key somewhere along their interstellar journey. To find it, you’ll need to retrace their steps.

Solve puzzles and discover space artifacts as you travel from the Oregon Trail to Pluto with the duo in search of their lost prize. But you need to get to the bottom of this mystery to retrieve the Cosmic Key before one of the other teams, including The Usos and Lucha Dragons, discovers it.

This colorful, mystery-filled adventure game forces you to step into the bizarre world of WWE’s strangest Superstars — that is, if you’re bold enough.

‘Rusev Crushes the World,’ 1993, Atari Jaguar

7 video games we wish were real

Starring: Rusev & Lana

It’s not easy to become a Super Athlete; that title requires years of training and battling against the world’s finest competitors. But Rusev has all of the tools to do it.

With Lana in your corner, lead Rusev on his journey to become the best athlete in the world, as you punch out your way from the minor circuit to the top in tournaments around the globe.

Hone your skills by training with mini-games, from chasing chickens to raise agility, to sprinting in a Siberian snowstorm to build endurance, and take on the universe’s greatest athletes. Can you hang with the best?

‘Heyman Guys: Brock Edition,’ 1998, Gameboy Color

7 video games we wish were real

Starring: Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar

Why simply “catch ’em all” when you can be the one behind 21-1? Join advocate Paul Heyman as he scours the globe in search of worthy Superstars to join his roster of “Heyman Guys,” then train your hand-picked warriors to battle eight elite gym masters and become the Reigning, Defending Champion of the World.

Collect and trade more than 151 “Heyman Guys” — including Brock Lesnar, Cesaro and the legendary Cactus Jack — to clash with your friends in extremely competitive online matches. In “Heyman Guys,” the rules are simple: Eat. Sleep. Battle. Repeat. 

‘Stop The Authority,’ 1989, TurboGrafx-16

7 video games we wish were real

Starring: Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and John Cena

John Cena arrives to WWE Headquarters to negotiate his next contract … but something is amiss.

Soon after arriving, Cena is lured into the basement, where he comes to find that The Authority has taken over the building. Their goal: take revenge on Cena for Survivor Series and force the Cenation leader to put them back in power.

As Cena, make your way from the bowels of WWE HQ to the roof as you fight to stop The Authority’s dastardly plot. Defeat henchmen, like robots, ninjas, robot ninjas and familiar Authority rivals, with your trusty hat-throw boomerang and “You can’t see me” invisibility cloak. Will the winner be you?

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