Tim Kring talks about the 619 on 'Heroes'

Tim Kring talks about the 619 on 'Heroes'

The 619 saved the day on this week's episode of Heroes. On the hit NBC show, Monica (played by Dana Davis) has a special superpower -- she is able to replicate anything she sees on television, and she copycats Rey Mysterio's 619. WWE.com interviewed Tim Kring, Heroes executive producer and creator, about using the 619 on the show. Below is the e-mail transcript.

Are you a WWE fan?
In my line of work, I don't get to be a fan of much; there just isn't enough time. But I can tell you that every time I get a chance to catch WWE, I love it.

Why did you choose to use WWE in Heroes?
We were working on Monica's character and her ability to "copycat," and we wanted to demonstrate that with a feat of extraordinary athletic prowess -- that's where WWE came in. It was the perfect place to find great athletes performing really visually arresting moves.

Why pick Rey Mysterio's 619 as the move to save the day?
We wanted to find something that was easily recognized and something that really stood out, but also worked organically with the set that we were shooting on. We searched through hours of footage to find the right move, and most of the footage was of Rey Mysterio. He has a huge arsenal of high-impact, aerial moves that make him really cool to watch.

Will Monica (or any other characters) draw inspiration from WWE again?
Stay tuned... you never know what could catch Monica's eye next.
Do you think there's a crossover between Heroes fans and WWE fans?
I hope so. Both Heroes and WWE have extremely loyal and devoted fan bases, but I think there is one attribute that our fan bases have in common that really shines through -- they are passionate. If we can harness that passion for our show, as well as WWE, it's a win/win for both parties.

Read more about the 619 on Heroes. Check out WWE.com's interview with Dana Davis, whose character performed the 619 on Heroes. To watch the entire Heroes episode 204, "The Kindness of Strangers," visit NBC's official Web site.

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