Knoxville riled by Great Khali's challenge

Knoxville riled by Great Khali's challenge

Jackass host Johnny Knoxville continues to fume over The Great Khali's recent challenge.

After the Punjabi Giant and his translator Ranjin Singh walked off Knoxville's show One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer due to "insulting" comments about Khali's privates more than a week ago (READ MORE), the former World Heavyweight Champion issued a challenge to the host on Raw (WATCH), and again on SmackDown (WATCH) to face him this Monday night in Anaheim, Calif.

Knoxville wrote on his blog that he's angry, feeling Khali has taken the matter too far.

"For a 7-foot 3 (we know what the three inches represent) wookie to call out a 6-foot me on national TV over a stupid [expletive deleted] interview, that makes me irrationally mad," Knoxville wrote on his blog. "I say irrationally because I know it's wrestling and it shouldn't make me mad, but I can't help the way I'm feeling.

"If this dude wants to start a war with me, then good. I just want to let you know, Khali, I don't fight the way the other fellas fight. I am at a great disadvantage in the ring, but outside of the ring you're mine."

Making his point, Knoxville created a parody of the "Kiss Cam," using the Jackass host's posterior (seen at left). The's photo of the day also mocks The Great Khali, labeling him a "big sissy", and fans of Knoxville's site have joined in on the fun, mocking the Punjabi Giant in street graffiti.

"Have you seen [Khali]?" Knoxville wrote in his blog, "It's like they shaved down Chewbacca and put him in wrestling tights. He kinda sounds like Chewbacca, too."

It's still unknown whether Knoxville will show up at the Honda Center to go face-to-face … or more like face-to-chest with the 7-foot-3 colossus. But the Jackass host left the door open.

"I know our Jackassworld members love a challenge. I love a challenge as well. It's just too bad I won't have one this Monday night on Raw," Knoxville proclaimed.

Find out live on USA Network Monday night at 9/8 CT to see if Khali's challenge is answered.

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