The Great Khali storms off's set

The Great Khali storms off's set

The Great Khali was the special guest of Johnny Knoxville on his program, One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer, this week. But the former World Heavyweight Champion's visit with the Jackass star quickly turned sour after an inappropriate comment, and he stormed off the set.

Knoxville had many questions for Khali about life as a 7-foot-3 WWE Superstar. Through his translator, Ranjin Singh, Khali answered the majority of Knoxville's inquiries, although the Superstar seemed agitated when the host called him a "giant" several times. Eventually, Knoxville took the conversation a little too far.

"Sometimes -- this may be a little off-color -- but sometimes when you see a -- not a giant, I don't want to make him mad -- but a big guy, like yourself, you wonder if everything is in proportion. You know, like if your tallywacker is proportioned with the rest of your body, like if it's normal size, or, or, or…" Knoxville asked Khali.

"The Great Khali came here, he came here for an interview, and it's kind of turning downhill with these questions that you're asking," Singh replied to Knoxville.

Despite an apology by the One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer host, an angry Khali got up from the table, nearly flipped it onto Knoxville and left with an equally-annoyed Singh.

"If they're going to be a baby let's *bleeping* end it here," a shocked Knoxville said. "I just asked him about his tallywacker!"

Watch Khali's message for Knoxville on Raw.

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