Learning from six past manager mishaps (cont.)


Lesson No. 5: Even in the rough-and-tough world of WWE, beware of fashion faux pas
Every manager looks to stand out in order to attract future prospects and add to the promotion of their personal brand as a whole. Sometimes, when they try to do this with their wardrobe, it’s an instant homerun. Who could forget Jimmy Hart’s colorful jackets or the lovely gowns worn by Miss Elizabeth? Nevertheless, some managers never quite hit the mark in their crash-and-burn clothing experiments.

Many in the WWE Universe still have the frightening image cemented into their brains of the wildly over-the-top jackets and ruffled tuxedo shirts of Sir Oliver Humperdink and the strange turban and glasses worn by The Grand Wizard.

embedcolon25033082Of course, who doesn’t like a good Hawaiian shirt? But, Hall of Famer Captain Lou, what was with the rubber bands all over your face all the time? And most would agree that Luna Vachon got a little too creative with her make-up, not to mention her frightening hairstyles and a clothing selection that usually included more chains than cloth. So class, although clothes can make the manager, sometimes they just make a mess.

Lesson No. 6: Always mind your illegal objects and weaponry
One of the great tools at the disposal of elite WWE Managers is their weapon of choice, that quintessential foreign object that could make the difference between their Superstars reaching championship glory and falling into obscurity. Still, occasionally, your ace in the hole would leave you looking like the Joker.

Such was the case for Mr. Fuji at WrestleMania IX. At first, it looked to be a truly proud moment for the calculating manager and the entire Empire of Japan. After years of leading top notch talent into battle, the skilled master of the mat had helped Yokozuna defeat WWE Champion Bret Hart on The Grandest Stage of Them All – largely due to the salt that sinister second man threw into the face of The Excellence of Execution, blinding him long enough for his colossal client to pick up the monumental victory. embedcolon25033086

However, class, you must take what happened next with “a grain of salt.” Just moments after achieving their great triumph, the gigantic new champion and his manager decided to put the title on the line against the iconic former champion Hulk Hogan. Feeling that no dirty trick that worked once was too repetitious, Fuji decided to throw the salt at the legendary challenger. However, when Hogan moved, the chaotic condiment accidently flew in the face of Yokozuna himself. Hogan went on to win back the WWE Title, bringing about one of the shortest World Title reigns in history. So class, maybe in retrospect, salt is as unhealthy as people say, especially for a manager’s career.  


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