Learning from six past manager mishaps (cont.)


Lesson No. 3: Resist personal relationships with your Superstars
Though she still plays a vital role in the current WWE picture, the continuous romantic tragedy of WWE’s resident cougar Vickie Guerrero offers a crucial lesson to any prospective manager. It could never be denied that, since coming into her own, this resourceful business woman has not only proved herself a capable ring escort, but also a powerful player in the highest levels of the squared circle. But, Vickie Guerrero’s weakness would time and time again prove to be her undoing, wreaking havoc on her managerial partnerships.

Case-in-point, while serving as SmackDown General Manager, Guerrero single-handled engineered Edge’s assertion to the World Heavyweight Championship, while at the same time bringing about the banishment of The Undertaker from WWE. However, in doing so, she lost sight of the big picture, marrying her Rated-R Champion and giving every bit of herself to The Ultimate Opportunist. Completely smitten, there was no way for Guerrero to hold her world together when she learned the news that her new groom had cheated on her with the wedding planner. Her horrific screams signaled that the party was over and so was Guerrero’s conquest of WWE’s spotlight.

embedcolon25033084Guerrero would step on her own feet time and time again, compromising her enormous professional status in favor of promises of love and companionship – temporarily elevating new Superstar Eric Escobar and having a scandalous affair of gigantic proportions with Big Show.

Vickie would even travel down the exact road with Dolph Ziggler as she had with her Master Manipulator ex-spouse. After getting then-World Heavyweight Champion Edge fired, the calculated cougar used highly questionable circumstances to hand her bleach blond beau the World Title. But, when Theodore Long reemerged to thwart her abuse of power, it ultimately cost Guerrero’s Superstar his title, his job and the romantic chapter of his life with Vickie. 

So, remember the Godfather credo, class and keep things “strictly business.” Certainly don’t forget to keep it that way three or four times!

Lesson No. 4: While it's essential to know when to talk, never forget when to walk … or sometimes run
Throughout his time in WWE, Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan used his managerial abilities to reach unprecedented heights, building a stable of incredible Superstar villains throughout the ‘80’s and early ‘90s. However, because “The Brain” never knew when to cut short his offensive, he ended up taking as much punishment as any of the A-list athletes he managed.

There was the time when the legendary Hulk Hogan choked out the over-the-top manager, forcing him to use a neck brace that was almost as painful as the constant ribbing from his announcing colleague, Hall of Famer Gorilla Monsoon. In another mismatch that put endless smiles on the faces of the WWE Universe, Heenan’s exasperating tongue forced him into a match against The Ultimate Warrior, a one-sided showdown resulting in the great schemer being shoved into a weasel suit at the match’s inevitable conclusion. embedcolon25033083

However, perhaps the greatest punishment he took came at the hands of the towering crown jewel of the Heenan Family, Andre the Giant, at WrestleMania VI. Despite being called “The Brain,” it was never a sound career move to slap The Eighth Wonder of the World, an action that caused Heenan to suffer an assault of “Giant” retribution. In short, class, don’t make the Superstars angry. You won’t like them when they’re angry.


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