WWE Bring it Back: ANY classic WWE Title that’s NOT the Spinner (-CONT-)

WWE Bring it Back: ANY classic WWE Title that’s NOT the Spinner (-CONT-)

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WWE.com and the WWE Universe are not the only voices shouting to the rafters for the Spinner Title to be replaced. Several WWE Champions have weighed in on the issue. Never at a loss for words is current WWE Champion CM Punk, ready to lead the charge.

“YES! [The current title] is old and passé,” proclaimed “The Voice of the Voiceless.” “It’s gaudy and ugly. It says “Champ” instead of Champion! That’s ridiculous. I need a dignified title, not a blinged out rapper accessory.”

Despite The Second City Saint’s negative inference to John Cena’s rapping days of rhythmic glory, the very Superstar that first introduced the “Spinner Title,” does not disagree. The 10-time WWE Champion stated on Twitter one week ago, “I have thought that for three years. Either classic or new, it needs a change.”

“Well, you saw my effort to redesign the current title,” added always-outspoken Miz. “But, I'd agree it needs to look less like a toy and more like a title.”

“I mean, think about it,” continued the self-proclaimed “Most Must-see WWE Champion of All-time.” “When football players win the Super Bowl or basketball players win the NBA finals, you'll usually see one of the players sporting a championship from WWE. But, it’s always the World Heavyweight Title. It doesn’t take that much to figure out why that is.”

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