Five-Star Match of the Week: Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team - WWE Tag Team Championship Match, Vengeance 2003

Five-Star Match of the Week: Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team - WWE Tag Team Championship Match, Vengeance 2003

Every Wednesday, WWE Classics and Greatest Matches team up with your favorite Superstars to bring you the Five-Star Match of the Week. We ask a Superstar in the WWE locker room to select one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time, and brings you that full-length match, uncut.

After WWE’s revolutionary Brand Extension concept took hold in 2002, SmackDown became the destination for the roster’s high-flying cruiserweights and thrilling tag teams. When the WWE Tag Team Championships were created in the fall of that year, action really heated up with many unique tandems stealing the show on the blue brand.

One of those astounding fliers was Billy Kidman, who made a successful transition to WWE after a career as a crowd pleaser in WCW. The former Cruiserweight Champion still works for WWE today, so we asked him about those early Brand Extension days, and his favorite match of the era. ( MORE KIDMAN)

“Teaming with Rey [Mysterio] was always a good thing,” Kidman recalled. “We always had great chemistry whether it was against each other or as a tag team. We held titles on multiple occasions in WCW.” ( MORE MYSTERIO)

At Vengeance 2003, which was a SmackDown-exclusive pay-per-view, the two former WCW standouts were set to challenge a highly talented tag team for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

“On that night, we were facing The World’s Greatest Tag Team, who were on a roll,” Kidman explained.

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, as arrogant as they were, had the talent to back up their hyperbolic team name. In the young history of the titles, Haas & Benjamin already boasted two reigns, the first of which lasted for more than three months. ( MORE BENJAMIN)

“They were actually a really great team,” Kidman declared. “There was a lot of crazy back-and-forth action in that match. There was a lot of near-falls. I remember doing a Shooting Star Press to the floor to both of those guys, which got a big reaction.”

It was quintessential SmackDown competition, but in the end, Kidman and Mysterio came up short.

“At the end of the match, there was a blind tag and the champions pinned Rey after a powerbomb-springboard clothesline combination,” Kidman said. “I tried to come in to make the save, but didn’t quite make it.”

Even though the fan favorites didn’t pull off the victory, Kidman looks back on the night fondly.

“I just remember it being a good night even though we lost,” he said. “I always liked teaming with Rey, and also wrestling Charlie and Shelton. I’m proud of that match.”


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