24 Superstar-inspired football teams

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

With the football season about to kick off, we imagined what would happen if the league expanded to feature teams based on your favorite WWE Superstars. Game on!

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Death Valley Reapers (The Undertaker)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

From the vultures hovering above Death Valley Municipal Stadium to the dull, dead turf inside, no team has the same home field advantage as the Reapers.

Boston Bosses (Sasha Banks)

No franchise has the same style and swagger as the Boston Bosses, who burst onto the field through a giant pair of inflatable stunner shades.

Pensacola Supermen (Roman Reigns)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

Despite some run-ins with the commissioner's office, this team carries the reputation for being the hardest-hitting, fastest set of fist-bumping bros in the league.

Tampa Bay Unicorns (The New Day)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

This team excels at two things: 1. excessive celebration, and 2. violating the league’s uniform policy. Horns on helmets can’t be legal.

Georgia Phenoms (AJ Styles)

This squad is always showing off their gloves and too-sweeting in the huddle.

New England Champs (John Cena)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

Maybe it’s bold to call yourself the “Champs,” but considering how undeniably dominant this franchise has been for the last 15 years, if the shoe fits …

San Jose Huggers (Bayley)

The Huggers might not have the most intimidating team name, but don’t forget, a tackle is just a hug that really hurts. 

Cincinnati Loose Cannons (Dean Ambrose)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

These guys make Raider Nation look like Bronies. The locker rooms have padded walls, but you can’t deny that the on-field product, despite lacking a championship season, is among the best going.

South Dakota Beasts (Brock Lesnar)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

The weather report just came in and it looks like an F-5 is on its way to the stadium. … Wait a minute, an F-5? Evacuate the stadium! This is not a drill, people!

Orlando Demons (Finn Bálor)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

If the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team, then the Orlando Demons are the World’s Team considering how well-traveled they are. From Ireland to Mexico to Japan to Florida, this squad has dominated everywhere.

Woodstock Love (Mick Foley)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

Their tie-dye uniforms may seem like something more befitting of a minor league team and a HD TV nightmare, but the Love is no joke, with three world titles to their name.

Michigan Manbeasts (Rhyno)

When opposing teams roll into the Motor City, they can be sure of one thing: The linebackers hit just a little bit harder than anywhere else.

Iowa Pedigree (Seth Rollins)

This expansion club shocked the football world, publicly calling out the commissioner for favoritism.

Sarasota Madness (Randy Savage)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

The first franchise to bring cheerleaders into the fold, the Madness battled the Honolulu Dragons at the Pontiac Silverdome in the best game ever played.

Osaka Empresses (Asuka)

There’s no more haunting sight in football than when rival coaches look at the crowd in Osaka Municipal Stadium and see 70,000 strong wearing creepy doll masks.

Victoria Rattlesnakes ("Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

These players keep rolling in the fines after doing their signature, one-finger touchdown dance.

American Dreams (Dusty Rhodes)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

The Dreams’ Hall of Fame coach once gave a rival manager a watch, a kick in the butt, and told him that a computer could take his place.

Dublin Steampunks (Becky Lynch)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

The Steampunks are the real fighting Irish. Nicknamed the “Amber Domers,” this club has been leading a revolution of sorts since joining the league.

Portland Pipers (Roddy Piper)

The iconic Piper cheerleaders are known nationwide for being husky men in kilts, so you don't want to be under that pyramid.

Venice Beach Scorpions (Sting)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

In the early ’90s, the Scorpions had the brightest, neon uniforms, befitting of their surfer-like style, but they took a darker turn when three expansion teams joined the league in 1996. 

Ugandan Giants (Kamala)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

Some teams struggle with traveling from coast to coast each week, but imagine if you had to play on the road in the wilds of Uganda

Louisiana Buzzards (Bray Wyatt)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

Before every kickoff, the Buzzards’ faithful sing hymns in unison. It’s hauntingly beautiful and far creepier than the polkas that play at Pittsburgh Steelers games.

Kansas City Wolves (Baron Corbin)

This crew is led onto the field by a bandana-wearing wolf riding a motorcycle, and their head coach forgoes the polo shirts for a more practical leather biker vest.

San Antonio Showstoppers (Shawn Michaels)

24 Superstar-inspired football teams

The “Hook ’em Horns” hand gesture used to dominate Texas, but since the San Antonio Showstoppers rose to prominence, any Texan knows that spot now belongs to the too sweet calling card of the Showstoppers’ Kliq.

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