Vic Joseph establishes Mark A. Kapusta Memorial Scholarship in Independence, Ohio

Vic Joseph establishes Mark A. Kapusta Memorial Scholarship in Independence, Ohio

When he’s not calling the action on 205 Live, Vic Joseph is keeping busy in his hometown of Independence, Ohio. The veteran commentator recently established the Mark A. Kapusta Memorial Scholarship, named for a childhood friend who suffered from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

“Mark was an example to me that no matter the odds or how outrageous a dream nothing was impossible,” Joseph said. “His goal in life was to encourage other young people to make a difference with their lives, to show them that even if your life was filled with challenges, as his was, that there was still so much you could do to impact the lives of others. This scholarship was put forth to acknowledge students striving to make a difference in the lives of others and help support them in continuing their education.”

This year’s recipient was Andrea Kilma, an Independence High School senior who placed top 10 in academics and was also a four-year varsity swimmer and a state qualifier in track. She will be attending the University of Akron to study chemical engineering, and received her scholarship in a ceremony last Friday attended by her principal, Mr. William McGuinness, and Kapusta’s parents, John and Kathleen.

“To me, being a part of WWE has given me the opportunity to pay it forward,” said Joseph. “I have role models in this company, such as Stephanie McMahon who spends countless hours helping others … This scholarship allows me to help students in my hometown achieve their dreams and to encourage them to one day make a difference in the lives of someone else. This also carries on the legacy of my friend who was taken to soon.”

In Kilma, Joseph has found a worthy recipient. “Her reason for winning was she checked all the boxes: academics, athletics, but most importantly, she went above and beyond not only in school but in the community,” said Joseph. “We felt that she will live up to the mantra of what the scholarship means, which is paying it forward and making a difference.”

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