Titus O'Neil to give TEDx talk at UCLA

Titus O'Neil to give TEDx talk at UCLA

Titus O’Neil announced via Twitter last August that he has been selected to speak at an upcoming TEDxUCLA conference on May 20. At the ideas-sharing event, he will give a speech lasting 18 minutes or less on the “domino effect of advocacy.”

Started in 2011, TEDxUCLA is designed to bring the influence of the global TED conference series to the local level. It invites thought leaders from the UCLA community and around the world to speak at an independently-organized event designed to spark dialogue and insights in the local community and beyond.

"It’s going to be taking my real-life story and placing some of the advocates within my life and how it changed my way of thinking, my mode of operation as well as my ability to see things from a different perspective," O'Neil told USA Today.

He would go on to say, "I hope people leave there with a greater understanding of how powerful they can be regardless of the field they are in or what platform they have."

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