Seth Rollins is a real-life Power Ranger

Seth Rollins is a real-life Power Ranger

Go Go ... Seth Rollins?!

Seth Rollins debuted new red ring gear at SummerSlam this past Sunday, and many were quick to take notice, including, believe it or not, the Power Rangers!

The Architect's vibrantly colored combat gear inspired a WWE Universe member to compare some of Rollins’ past and present outfits to those of the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Gold Zeo Ranger and Quantum Time Force Ranger. 

The Power Rangers’ official Twitter account was quick to pick up on the comparison, agreeing that The Kingslayer had the skills needed to be a part of the greatest heroes the earth has ever known. 

Rollins even chimed in himself, informing the Twitterverse that iconic "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" villain Lord Zedd would not be able to keep up with him if push came to shove. 

Here's hoping that Rollins keeps up with these Morphinomenal gear choices!  

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