Mike and Maria Kanellis make WWE history with 24/7 Championship victories

Maria & Mike Kanellis

This past week on Raw, Mike and Maria Kanellis both won the 24/7 Championship, making them the first married Superstars to do so with that title — or, as it turns out, any title.

Yes, never in the long, long, long history of WWE has there ever been a married couple who held the same championship while their union was still intact. Given the state of their marriage, it seems like they’re lucky they set the record when they did: Maria hasn’t been the most supportive spouse of late, using her pregnancy to emasculate her husband — even forcing him to lie down so she could pin him to win the title, thereby making herself the first pregnant 24/7 Champion. Which, of course, is a record as well. The 24/7 Championship supplies fresh wonders every day.

In any case, congratulations to the happy (?) couple. You’re in the record books now.

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