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Kendall Jenner rocks nWo Wolfpac shirt, Kevin Nash comments

Kendall Jenner rocks nWo Wolfpac shirt, Kevin Nash comments

Of all the ’90s cultural milestones experiencing a resurgence in 2017 — “Beauty and the Beast,” the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Goldberg — we’re pretty sure nobody expected The nWo Wolfpac to have a steady presence on that list. But it’s a wide, weird world and here we are, all the same.

The infamous offshoot of the most notorious faction in WCW history continued its left-field revival during New York City's Fashion Week when none other than Kendall Jenner wore the Wolfpac's signature merch to a Michael Kors show. This, of course, follows the red-and-black’s previous appearance during Aziz Ansari’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” last month.

And lest you think that the Wolfpac’s original members were affronted that a member of the controversial Kardashian clan would attempt to affiliate herself with the red-and-black, none other than Kevin Nash chimed in with words of approval on the ‘gram. (Sting has yet to comment on this one.)


@RealKevinNash kendalljenner No one has rocked it better.

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Kendall Jenner and Big Sexy? Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait.

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