Jerry “The King” Lawler opens new Memphis BBQ restaurant

Jerry “The King” Lawler opens new Memphis BBQ restaurant

Now you, too, can eat like a King.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler has opened a new BBQ joint in Cordova, Tenn., 20 miles east of his hometown of Memphis, called King Jerry Lawler's Memphis BBQ Co.


We opened the doors to @jerrylawlerbbq today. Pop over to to check out the menu and find out more info.

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Taking its cue from "The King" himself, the restaurant’s official website proclaims that “barbecue should have the same characteristics as a wrestler: Bold, in your face, and not afraid to give even the biggest fella a punch in the mouth.” It also takes its aesthetic cue from the old-school Memphis territories: The walls are decorated with Memphis wrestling wallpaper and images from “The King’s” legendary career, guests sit on red metal folding chairs, and the menu is filled with items such as "The Rude Awakening" and "Pile Drivin’ Pecan Rub."

"It’s not just the food either. Any self-respecting wrestling fan will love this place,” Lawler proclaimed to as part of the restaurant's official "manifesto." “There’s eye candy for a wrestling fan everywhere you look."

For his part, Lawler can't quite choose a favorite item on the menu: He likes them all.

"Man, asking me for a favorite menu item is like asking me who's the toughest guy I ever wrestled! (Which by the way, I get asked that a lot)," Lawler told in an email. "I  really love everything on the menu, but to answer your question, it's a tie between dry ribs with Pile Drivin' Pecan Rub or the Rude Awakening Smoked Sausage Slamwich. Tag teamed, of course with our Sweet Potato Waffle Fries."

As far as input from any current WWE Superstars? Nothing yet, but there's plenty of time for that, according to "The King."

"We've only been open since Monday so we haven't had any Superstars in yet. Hopefully the next time Raw or SmackDown LIVE are in town we will be graced with the presence of some hungry WWE Superstars," Lawler told “As far as having our food, sauce or rubs at catering when WWE is in town we would be more than glad to supply it, all they have to do is ask."

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