Holy Foley: Your guide to Episodes 6 through 10

Holy Foley: Your guide to Episodes 6 through 10

The first season of WWE Network's hit reality series, Holy Foley, continues with the release of Episodes 6 through 10, available on-demand immediately following Royal Rumble 2017 tonight. Don't miss the real-life antics and laugh-out-loud moments that unfold in the household of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley as cameras follow two generations of Foleys trying to make it, both in life and at WWE. Get complete details about Episodes 6 through 10 before they become available on-demand tonight, exclusively on WWE Network.

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Episode 6: "The Promo King"

Mick's concerned that Noelle’s constant smiling during training sessions means she’s not taking her goal seriously. Noelle needs to convey passion and a sense of danger, so Mick invites WWE Superstar Enzo Amore to give her a lesson in cutting promos. At home, Mick's wife Colette declares herself in charge of Noelle’s WWE look. Later, Mick comes home and gives Noelle a talking to, telling her in no uncertain terms that she needs to get serious or give up her dream.

Episode 7: "Ditch the Clown"

After agreeing to play Santa on a production of Elf, Mick finds out it’s a musical! As a result, he asks his old friend, heavy metal icon Dee Snider, for guidance and help with his vocals, which aren’t the best. Meanwhile, Noelle meets with a WWE executive who gives her tips on how to handle the NXT tryouts as well as strong words of advice, some of which includes reconsidering a relationship with a loved one.

Episode 8: "Foley Family Vacation"

It’s Mick’s birthday! Mick takes the Foley family on vacation to his favorite place, Knoebels Grove Amusement Park. Though the Foleys have their park traditions, there’s one thing that’s not a ritual for Noelle: Riding the 148-foot-high StratosFear! Since Noelle is waiting to hear if she's getting a tryout for NXT, Mick makes it his mission to convince his daughter that facing her fear of heights will help her in the ring. Meanwhile, back in the cabin, Colette has been working on a surprise for Mick.

Episode 9: "The Storm Before The Calm"

As part of some final preparations before NXT tryouts, Mick makes sure that Noelle does several things so she can be physically and mentally ready. They watch tapes of Mick’s old matches, practice new moves, make an appearance at a pop culture event and attend a couple of podcasts. Before heading to Orlando, Fla., for NXT tryouts, however, something happens at her last training session that could jeopardize everything they’ve been working for.

Episode 10: "The Moment of Truth"

The Foleys arrive in Orlando to support Noelle during her NXT tryouts. The tryouts are proving to be very physically draining for Noelle, but she won’t give up. Colette plays with the idea of moving to Orlando if Noelle were to get accepted, but the family doesn’t have a positive response to the notion. Once the tryouts are over, it’s decision day, and Noelle meets with the VP of Talent Development to find out if all the blood, sweat and tears will turn her dream of joining NXT a reality.

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