Teddy Long's Top 10 Tag Team Matches

Before taking on the role of Senior Advisor in SmackDown General Manager Booker T’s administration, Theodore Rufus Long was himself one of the most successful GMs in WWE history. Spending time in charge of SmackDown and the rebirth of ECW, Long was known as a tough but fair leader. He was also renowned for his propensity to diffuse any hostile situation with the skillful use of one type of match in particular.

When four or more Superstars were in the ring, bickering back and forth, it was almost inevitable that Teddy Long’s music would blare through the speakers.

“Now, hold on a minute, playas,” he would bellow, before explaining to them that their incessant arguing would not take up precious time on his show. In Teddy Long’s world, there is only one way to settle these massive differences.

“We’re going to have ourselves a tag team match!” Long would exclaim, as the heroes rejoiced at the opportunity to get their hands on a rival, while the villainous Superstars seethed in anger.

Long’s disposition for tag team battles has become his calling card, so much so that when he turned one into a Fatal Four-Way Match, the WWE Universe was floored. Conspiracy theories were found in bunches around the internet as fans tried to make sense of the madness.

One strange decision aside, Teddy Long has won over the hearts of the WWE Universe with his unbridled passion for tag team competition. As SmackDown’s historic 700th episode approaches, join WWE.com in celebrating 10 of the finest tag team bouts Long ever put together. (PHOTOS | VIDEO PLAYLIST)