At 7-feet tall and weighing in at more than 300 pounds, Kane is a monstrous abomination that seems to have been extracted directly from your childhood nightmares.

The Devil’s Favorite Demon has tormented WWE since his debut at Badd Blood in October 1997, when he tore off the cage door and unleashed hell during the first-ever Hell in a Cell Match between Shawn Michaels and his half-brother, The Undertaker.

Kane is consumed by an infernal desire to set ablaze the lives of his fellow Superstars, leaving a scorched path of destruction behind his fiery footsteps. Some of The Big Red Monster’s more demented acts have included setting a WWE Hall of Famer on fire, hitting a WWE executive with a Tombstone, kidnapping too many Superstars to mention and forcing a WWE Diva to marry him. No one is safe from his twisted desires and demonic impulses. Least of all, it would seem, Kane himself.

For years, the sadistic Superstar wore a ghoulish face mask designed to conceal hideous burns from a fire supposedly started by Undertaker years before. But WWE fans received a shock on one of the most infamous nights of Kane’s career when,­ after losing a Mask vs. Championship Match on Raw, the tortured soul was forced to unmask and reveal his face to the world.

Kane’s career has been marked by some stellar and brutally woeful contests in the ring against some of the biggest names in WWE, including The Undertaker, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Edge and others. He has also pioneered some of the most vicious stipulations of all time, including First Blood, Inferno, Stretcher and even Till Death Do Us Part Matches. Like his sibling, Kane wields a highly decorated mantle of WWE glory, including reigns as WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and ECW Champion. He has shown near-unprecedented versatility in the tag team ranks as well, finding championship success with a litany of partners such as X-Pac, Big Show and even twice with The Deadman.

Kane tapped into his inner administrator in 2014 when The Authority named him WWE’s sinister Director of Operations. Though he lost the position when Triple H & Stephanie McMahon were ousted from power at Survivor Series, Kane was promptly reinstated on the first Raw of 2015 when The Authority returned to the helm.

For weeks, Kane fought alongside Big Show, but when an ill-timed KO Punch during a tag team match on the March 9 Raw accidentally struck the Director of Operations instead of its intended target (Ryback), The Authority suddenly had a giant problem on its hands. As Big Show and Kane argued, Stephanie McMahon arrived and took them to task for their behavior before sending them home for the night. The following week, Kane and Big Show teased that they were turning their back on Seth Rollins, only for the two monsters to stand by their Authority teammate as he went face to face with Randy Orton. This attack did not go as planned however, as The Viper was joined by Sting as the two fought back against The Authority.

Kane competed in the second annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the WrestleMania 31 Kickoff Show, but was eliminated by last year's winner, Cesaro. On the April 13 edition of Raw, Kane was forced to lay down in a match against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, and despite nailing the champ with a vicious Chokeslam, Kane did as he was told and laid down for Rollins.

Still, whether in a suit or a mask, as a member of a group or fighting alone, one thing is clear: The fire still burns in Kane.