You Think You Know Him? – a review of "The Story of Edge" by Mick Foley

Until I watched this DVD in its entirety, I don’t think I’d ever paused to think about how appropriate that opening line - “You think you know me?” - from Edge’s entrance song truly was.  As great as Edge was inside that ring, as classic as his matches were, as amazing as some of the feats of athleticism and bravery could be, what I found most enthralling about this new must-see DVD from WWE was the light it shone on Edge’s constant unveiling process.

The first word that came to mind for me was “chameleon," as, throughout his career, Edge seemed to take on new characteristics, to constantly add layers to the complex character he portrayed so well and for so long on our TV screens and in our arenas. But calling Edge a chameleon is almost an insult to the subtleties with which he was able to imbue into those layers. One didn’t watch a single episode of Raw and say “Look, there’s Edge changing before our very eyes.” He was more like an engine shifting gears so smoothly you might not feel the shifts at all; you just suddenly realize you’re enjoying the ride of your life without completely understanding how you got there.

This DVD does a tremendous job of describing that ride and explaining its origin. It details how a young, shy kid named Adam Copeland followed his dream of one day being a WWE Superstar - through the independent ranks of Canada, getting his first taste of WWE, finding fame in the tag-team ranks, before shattering what had been thought to be the glass ceiling that separates those who are Superstars in name only from those who exemplify the more traditional Webster’s definition of that word: “superstar.”

My main complaint on some DVDs in WWE’s past, is that they seem almost formulaic – always well done and produced with that polish only WWE knows how to apply. But I sometimes got the idea that these DVD’s were relying on whatever interesting and knowledgeable talent wasn’t busy on a particular day. Like a stroll through catering would turn up just enough talent who could provide just enough good sound-bites to give the WWE Universe just enough to keep them happy. I’m happy to say, that this DVD continues the recent trend as seen in the recent exemplary DVDs on Stone Cold and The Rock towards really searching out the people who knew the stories, who lived the matches, who were personal witnesses to the great moments that unfolded in Edge’s career.

Edge’s trainers – Sweet Daddy Sikki, and Ron Hutchinson - are interviewed. Adam’s mom adds a great deal to her son’s story. The key guys on his rise to fame – including, of course, Christian - share valuable insight into the mindset, work ethic and drive that took Edge to the top. Other WWE Superstars who were witnesses to different stages, who were there for the revelation of different layers, talk about what it was like to be along for those unique rides. But I give credit to WWE for reaching out to their former Superstars – guys like Rhyno , Dave Batista, Lita, Trish Stratus, Matt Hardy, and yes, even me – allowing this unique story to unfold and be told as accurately and as interestingly as possible.

Quite simply, this is an amazing DVD about one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. Like the career of Edge himself, it’s one heck of a ride.

Is there a downside? Well, in a career as long and lush as Edge’s, there’s no way you can make everyone happy with the match selections. Remember, Edge specialized in mat-classics, the kind that take a while to fully unfold. Put a dozen of them in one compilation, and you’ve got hours of amazing stuff. But inevitably, some amazing stuff was left on the editing room floor. I love the fact that the Edge-Randy Orton match from July 19, 2004 is on the disc – one of the most intense Raw matches I’ve ever seen.  But wonder, where, um, you know, that match that he and I did at Wrestlemania is, the one that was voted “Match of the Year” by WWE fans in 2006. I guess that’s the challenge of mining for just twelve perfect nuggets from a vault of solid gold. I, for one, hope there’s a sequel in the works.

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