Triple H defeats Jinder Mahal in classic Supershow match in New Delhi

Triple H defeats Jinder Mahal in classic Supershow match in New Delhi

NEW DELHI, India — The biggest match in Indian history did not disappoint; if anything, it exceeded everyone’s expectations. In the end, Triple H’s hand was raised in victory at WWE Live’s Supershow in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. However, Jinder Mahal’s efforts had won him the admiration of the WWE Universe in India, and the respect of The King of Kings.

On several occasions, it looked like The Modern Day Maharaja – who had headed to the ring looking every bit that moniker, garbed in a spectacular royal robe crafted for him by fashion legend Narendra Kumar – might make good on an earlier claim that he’d force Triple H to bow down. When he didn’t dominate portions of the match, he was ably assisted by The Singh Brothers on the outside, especially when The Game took control of the contest. Yet, after a hard-fought, back-and-forth battle filled with “This is awesome” chants from the raucous crowd, Triple H’s experience – and a perfectly-placed Pedigree (his second on Mahal this night) – ultimately determined the outcome.

After the match, Triple H got on a mic and praised his opponent, telling him that Mahal had earned his respect and that "India is in good hands with Jinder Mahal." The Maharaja thanked The King of Kings, and the evening ended in true celebratory fashion, WWE style, as Mahal and The Singh Brothers performed a traditional Bhangra dance in the middle of the ring. They even invited Triple H to participate, and after some hesitation, The Game conceded, much to the delight of everyone in Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. He performed the traditional dance step first with Mahal, then with Sunil Singh. Then, as he started with Samir Singh, The King of Kings returned to Cerebral Assassin mode, delivering a Pedigree that laid out Singh and cleared the ring. 

A grateful Mahal soon returned to the ring and spoke from the heart to the stadium crowd. He promised that he would be champion again when WWE returned to India, and conveyed his gratitude to the fans for their support. It was a sentiment he’d share on Twitter shortly after.

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