Saying goodbye to South Africa

Saying goodbye to South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- Today is the final day of Raw's tour of South Africa, and the Raw Superstars made the most of their last chance to experience the unique culture of the country's largest city.

A wild game reserve in Johannesburg got itself a daredevil, as Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy visited a local safari hours before Raw's final live event. Taking in the sights of numerous wild animals, from zebras to lions to antelopes, Jeff lived up to his daredevil reputation by doing something many would never even attempt.

"I got to pet two baby lion cubs," Hardy remarked, "which was awesome, scary and amazing all at the same time."

The animals seemed to like Jeff as much as he liked them; one giraffe was especially loving of the Intercontinental Champion, and gave him a few licks to convey that.

Meanwhile, the WWE Champion proved to be just as popular in Johannesburg as he is around the world, as over 6,000 people came out to see John Cena at a local autograph session. While only 400 lucky fans were able to get an autograph and a photo with The Champ, the 6,000 strong chanted his name throughout the entire two-hour event. 

The entire trip has been a memorable one for the Raw Superstars, who will return home to the States following a Saturday night live event in Johannesburg.

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