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Brie and Nikki argue about Brie's relationship with Bryan: Total Bellas, Nov. 9, 2016

Tension between The Bellas hits a new high when Nikki expresses her concern about Brie's marriage.

As Kathy and John Laurinaitis’ wedding approaches on the Total Bellas’ season finale, Brie Bella is back in the family fold. Bryan is sitting the wedding out on the advice of his doctors, but the family reunion puts a spring in Nikki Bella’s step — at least for a while. What begins as shared joy over Kathy’s non-diagnosis at the women’s clinic turns hostile when Nikki floats the idea to Brie, once again, that she is deferring too much to Bryan at the expense of her own happiness. That leads to a knock-down fight between the Bella Twins that is thankfully resolved by the time Kathy says “I do.” But it’s clear the divide between Brie, who’s married and on the cusp of motherhood, and Nikki, who is not, is growing a little wider than either is comfortable with.

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