Brie Mode re-activated

Nikki opens up to Lola about Brie: Total Bellas, Oct. 26, 2016

Nikki tells Lola why she thinks Brie has changed.

On a semi-related note, Nikki is becoming increasingly convinced that Brie is deferring too much to Bryan in dress, demeanor and ambition, with her main argument being that Brie used to be a lot more fun before she was married to Bryan. During a bachelorette-type trip for Kathy (doubling as a celebration for the newly-expecting J.J. and wife Lauren), Brie dips into her old Brie Mode stores for an old-school good time, but passive-aggressive tension lingers between the sisters. Nikki’s still convinced Brie is putting Bryan’s happiness before her own, while Brie is frustrated Nikki can’t grasp the concept of changing as she grows farther and farther away from her party-girl phase. To be continued …

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