Swerved Season 2 episode details

Episode 201: "Who Woulda Thought?"

Swerved is back! Miz pranks a security guard, a focus group samples some New Day products, and Paige makes a bloody mess.

Episode 202: "You’ve Been Had All Day!"

Big Show becomes a bronze statue, a crazy fan invades the Performance Center, Becky Lynch & R-Truth set up a security checkpoint.

Episode 203: "Drop It Down!"

Rollins & Orton surprise trash-talking kids, The New Day & Usos cause chaos in a hardware store, & R-Truth is a crazy ex-boyfriend.

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Episode 204: "Don’t Have a Face for TV"

Dean Ambrose & Renee Young play Prize Time, Usos pull some twin magic, Lana & Foxy get their makeup done, Stardust invades Axxess.

Episode 205: "Can’t Find Good Help"

Mr. McMahon goes deep undercover, Big E is a bad trainer, a Baby Elephant & Box Man team up to scare fans at Axxess.

Episode 206: "You Said Booty"

Summer Rae takes surprising fan photos, Miz & Dolph have some awful auditions, and Charlotte locks Ric Flair out of the venue.

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Episode 207: "Having Hair Looks Stupid"

Kids make crazy signs with AJ Styles & Ryback, Social Outcasts secure a parking lot, and the Dudley Boyz have plumbing problems.

Episode 208: "Dude, Are You Crazy!?"

Mark Henry’s on TV, Dolph & Paige go on dates, Tyler Breeze & Becky Lynch invade an art gallery, Neville & Booker T get interviewed.

Episode 209: "You Just Got Got!"

Swerved Season Two’s greatest hits and biggest misses told by those who were there to see it.

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