Queens, N.Y.

Career Highlights

2021 Queen's Crown Tournament winner; WWE Women's Tag Team Champion

Zelina Vega: Bio

Zelina Vega

Though she be but little, she is fierce.

Shakespeare may not have had Zelina Vega in mind when he penned that line, but the spitfire from Queens, N.Y. aptly fits that famous description.

Much like her idol, the legendary Rey Mysterio, Zelina has made a career out of upsetting those who underestimate her underdog stature. Whether guiding Superstars to success as a manager or making history of her own — including winning the first-ever Queen's Crown Tournament and the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship alongside Carmella — Vega is always more than happy to prove her doubters wrong.

Her success has extended beyond the ring, as well, with a role in the hit movie “Fighting with My Family,” and an appearance as a commentator in the Street Fighter 6 video game.

Now running with The LWO, Zelina is on a mission to continue to show the world it’s not the size of the Superstar in the fight that matters, but the size of the fight in the Superstar.

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