The 7's: Maria's Get Lucky Fashion Tips, No. 1

The 7's: Maria's Get Lucky Fashion Tips, No. 1

Each month, Raw Diva Maria lays down her seven "Do's and Don'ts" of fashion. Are you in or out? Find out now.

In (Ow Ow!)

1. Leopard accessories: A little bit of the wild never hurt anyone… And everyone has a wild side -- grrrr, baby.
2. Red hot stilettos: They make any outfit stand out.
3. Nude lips: Naked lips are so sexy.
4. Wearing wide leg jeans and trousers.
5. Shiny clothes: Get your shine on like a star.
6. Wedgies: And I mean shoes -- chunky shoes are in.
7. Polka dots: They are always a fun print -- the "American Dream" has it right!

Out (Oh No!)
Is that a joke?

1. Wild animal wardrobe: Someone should not be scared that you are going to attack them while you are walking down the street — less is more.
2. Looking like a Christmas tree because of all the ruffles: Ruffles are in, but don't over do it!
3. Mini-dresses at the airport: Mini-dresses are very sexy, but wear some opaque tights if you are at the airport — unless you are a stripper, then go on with your bad self girl!
4. Muted colors: Dull is not pretty — go with bright colors or black and white.
5. Red lips: Dark eyes and bright lips are too much, but I am sure they will be back in by summer.
6. Fur: Nice boots, Melina — hehe. Just kidding…or am I?
7. A bad attitude: I think that is self explanatory...

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