Love Notes from Maria, No. 6

Love Notes from Maria, No. 6

This week: Want the truth? It’s simple, just do the math. And Maria’s WrestleMania wrap-up!

What's up all you stars and studs!!

So, I am 25, and I just got done doing WrestleMania 23! I have been in three WrestleManias, and there are 340 some odd days until the next one. My birthday is on the 25th in the second month of the year, not the second day of the fifth month like it says in the magazine this month. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall, not 5 feet 4 inches tall, like it says in the program and magazine.

MySpace accounts that pretend to be me? 70. Real MySpace accounts? Zero!! I have one sis, one bro, one mom and one dad. They have been together for 26 years this May! Congrats, Mommy and Daddy!! Why all the numbers, you may ask? Well, sometimes there are things on the Internet, in magazines or in blogs that just aren't true. I thought maybe I would do an update to give some true facts.

Now, since all that is done, let’s get to the fun stuff, WrestleMania 23!!!

I have never, ever been to such a monumental event! It was absolutely crazy! There were 80,103 fans there. Oh my gosh, is that a lot of peeps! I did updates all day long with Josh, and we had such a great time. You can see those updates under the WrestleMania Pre-Show Videos section. I got to go inside the arena before the sea of more than 80,000 fans entered, and I was also in there after! The building was huge, the occasion was huge, and the theme was All Grown Up.

Everything about WrestleMania is big, and this year it was even bigger! Watching it this year was different because it was like I was watching my family. They are my family and more. I didn't have just one favorite match, they were all my favorites!

Everyone was dressed to the nines. Queen Sharmell and King Booker had on amazing outfits. I loved the Queen’s train on her skirt. The girls in the Lumberjill Match each had their own style. From Ashley with her patent leather corset, to Melina with her awesome fur hoodie — which she pushed off when she got in the ring.

My outfit was a sequined, white halter top and shirt. It was actually two shirts that I cut up and made into a shirt and top. It was so fun and sparkly. I am glad I wore it! OW OW! I had on silver, stiletto shoes, and I used them later in the match to beat up on Victoria a little bit.

I was also wearing a headdress that was a throwback to Ancient Greece when they would wear the olive tree wreaths on their head. It was so great to actually be involved with WrestleMania this year, and now I can't wait for next year! I really hope that next year I have a match; you never know what can happen in a year

I am still buzzing after ‘Mania, and I think that everyone who was involved, watched, and our family, and friends are still excited! On April 1, I walked around and asked people if this was really my job. I can’t believe that my passion is my job, and I feel so blessed that I get to live out my dream every week! I have so much respect for all those that were in the matches, they were absolutely amazing. It made me fall in love all over again with wrestling..... awwww! (Love letters: Dear Wrestling, Would you go out with me? Circle yes or no.)

The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was such an amazing event during WrestleMania week. To take a look at those that paved the way is such an inspiration the day before ‘Mania. It is so great to see all the families and friends of all the Superstars as well. I can't believe how everyone was dressed, too. Everyone looked so glamorous and red carpet worthy.

I was wearing a dress that I got off the Internet because everything that I found in the stores was so boring and similar to everything else. I wanted something different. My dress didn't arrive until a few days before, so if it didn't fit, I didn't have a dress. I was planning on going naked with some pasties if it didn't fit. Luckily, it fit great! Yay! I have to say that I was in such awe of all the people that went up to the podium unafraid of showing their emotions. Congrats, and thank you to all the Hall of Famers!!

WrestleMania comes around once a year, but the memories last a lifetime! I am so happy and grateful to be with WWE, and to be surrounded by such amazing individuals. Finally, spanks to all the fans that watch, because you are why we are here!

Spanks and Kisses,

Stiletto style tip: No matter how cute the shoes are, if you are uncomfortable in them it can ruin your night. Find basic shoes that are comfy, so if you think there is a problem with the hot, sexy shoes you have a backup. The night of the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, I had to change shoes after 10 minutes of walking in them. Booooo! My Mommy brought down the comfy ones from my hotel room. Thanks, Mommy!

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