Love Notes from Maria, No. 1

Love Notes from Maria, No. 1

This week: Double-sided tape, the Jeff Hardy dance and more!

Hey there all you stars and studs!!!!!

I have been sooooo busy lately because I have been in the ring more. That is so exciting to me! I love going out in the ring and taking my aggressions out on someone. It is such a release.

I usually try to wear something practical and cute to wrestle in. But the problem is that most things that are sexy are so small and have a tendency to slip and move so the tigers (a.k.a. boobs) or other places come out to visit.

As much as that might be entertaining to some of the studs out there (maybe some of the ladies too hehe), I think I would get thrown off the show. So, all of us girls have a secret that I am about to tell you to keep our clothes in place. It is double-sided tape. Sexy, right? Well at least it keeps the Divas covered so we can come out to play every week without getting thrown off the air for over- exposure.

Anyways, this week a dream of mine came true! I am so pumped!

When I was growing up The Hardys were my favorite tag team and I loved to watch Lita. Lita did so much for women's wrestling and will be greatly missed. I love strong women.

I wore a shirt that said "Super Hot Female," but I really don't think I am super hot. I just liked the colors in the shirt and the fact that it said "super female."  I always thought of Lita that way.

I thought maybe some inspiration would be good to go against Melina and Nitro. I can't believe that this week I got to wrestle with Jeff Hardy as my partner. It is unbelievable! It was so much fun!

I asked him before we went out if I could do his dance and he said it was okay. A bunch of the Superstars said I wouldn't do it, but I did. Although my boyfriend said I looked like I was doing the chicken dance I don't care. Well, Cluck cluck baby, I got to do Jeff Hardy's dance. Thanks Jeff.

Now to totally change the subject, I just started watching the Lost series and I have to say I am addicted. It is great and probably one of my favorite shows I have ever watched. If you have not seen it, you should definitely look into it.

I sit at home and eat popcorn and just watch episode after episode. Each one of the character's lives is so different in Lost. It just makes me think you never know about whom you pass on the street or get on a plane with. Everyone has an amazing story, and no matter what your story is, I hope that the Superstars put a smile on your face.

 Spanks and Kisses, Maria
Stiletto Style Tip: T-shirts with sayings can be great statements to make. They can be inspirational and they can be a pick me up. I wear a T-shirt and jeans every day when I am home. It is soo comfy. I have a shirt that says, "Just woke up" and one morning my boyfriend asked why I was so crabby (which doesn't really evvver evvver happen) and I showed him my shirt. He just looked at me and laughed. He couldn't dispute that. I just woke up. Spanks babe for putting up with me.

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