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JBL's Blog

I am very interested to see who assumes control of WWE now that Mr. McMahon is out of the picture. Personally, I think I would be the best to do that; however, I think it will be someone more closely related. Either way, I will miss Mr. McMahon running the show and being around.

With everything else that went on last week, the Draft kinda got lost. I am excited for SmackDown. Losing the King and Queen will definitely hurt; I have been around Booker since we started together in Texas. Also, losing Mr. Kennedy is a huge loss. Mr. Kennedy was just on his way to Superstardom before an unfortunate injury. Finally, losing Boogeyman definitely takes a character away from the roster. The Miz - OK, I'm happy about that.

Getting The Great Khali is huge for us, as well as getting "The Nature Boy." On the Diva front, you can't beat Torrie Wilson. All in all, we will remain the number one show, period.

Drafts are always good to shake things up. Matchups become stale, and so do some characters after a while. Speaking of stale, I just wish Michael Cole could get traded to OVW. I would be so much better alone.

I have to believe that Jose Reyes is the best base runner of all time. He is that good. I think that he is better than a Ricky Henderson and a Ty Cobb, now that is big time company. Plus, Reyes is fun to watch.

What a great U.S. Open this past weekend. I was sure Tiger would find a way to win, but he didn't.

I'm starting up a new company that I can't talk about yet, but believe me, you will hear a lot about it in the future.

I have some new photos posted. I even have a couple of the John and Mike world tour. Michael Corcell and I have a world tour going; our next stop could be the Wimbledon finals. However, if not that it will be the Rugby World Championship in Paris later this year. We plan on taking the families to Cabo for a little Marlin fishing to bring in the New Year.

There also is an elf on the world tour, but that is a different story.

BTW, A-Rod is finally earning his money.

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