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I want to say congratulations to Jerry the King Lawler on being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I got to do commentary with the King at the Royal Rumble, and it was quite an honor. Being a wrestling fan growing up, it is really cool to be able to work with my heroes, and I have gotten to work with most of them.

I understand that JR has said he would like to do commentary with me, I would consider that a huge honor. JR was my boss for several years; we have always had a good relationship. Well, except for the second week of September, that's when the Longhorns play the Sooners. Actually, JR and I have gone to the game together a couple of times in recent years, though; obviously we sat in different parts of the stadium

JR has to be considered the best play-by-play guy in wrestling history. Working with JR would be like the first time I got into the ring with Kerry Von Erich. It's a strange feeling sometimes when you are in an environment where your role is considered equal to a person that you have watched on TV many times.

Know that I am not happy doing commentary with Michael Cole, OK, never mind, to hell with Michael.

Dusty going into the Hall of Fame is a well-deserved honor. I have heard so much about Dusty from Dick Murdoch when I first started wrestling that I feel like I have known him all my life. What a crew the area of West Texas has given to wrestling.

Also, to my good friend Mr. Perfect, I wish he was still here to accept the honor. Mr. Perfect and I had a blast ribbing everyone, including ourselves.

I do believe, though, that Ron Simmons should be in the Hall as well. Ron is not only a class act, but a guy who deserves this honor. Ron brought credibility to every organization he has been a part of. Although, I am obviously biased toward Ron, I believe Ron has as much merit to be there as anyone, and in some cases more so.

I have to clear up the fact I have stated recently about the Worm being created in Edmonton, Alberta against the APA at a live event. Scotty 2 Hotty did start the Worm that night, however, Ron pretty much stomped a hole in the Worm. Luckily for Scotty, the Worm survived. 

I am really excited about getting my back fixed. I was told there wasn't much anyone could do, but recent technology indicates that my back could perhaps be fixed. I am down to 295 pounds, which is still way too fat, but at least I am finally heading down with my weight.

Being an investment banker doesn't exactly lend itself to the active lifestyle.

I've had a heck of a year so far. Antarctica to start the year, followed by the NHL All-Star game and the Super Bowl, in between a trip to the Bahamas and a round of golf at the Doral in Miami. My buddy Mike Corcell, who runs a hedge fund in London, and I have formed the John and Mike world tour, next stop the Old Course in April to play a few rounds of golf. May will be spent golfing at Pebble Beach.

I will be fishing this week down in Key West, Fla. This retirement from the ring is working out pretty well so far, though I would give almost anything to be included in WrestleMania this year in a wrestling capacity.

I am going to have some info on my buddy's animal sanctuary in Tulsa, Okla., soon. If you ever wanted to do something for animals, I have the perfect place for you to do it. This story is awesome. Believe me, it is something PETA or WWF would never get involved in because it actually does something for the animals, other than use them to raise money.  

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