JBL's Blog: Worst Person?

JBL's Blog: Worst Person?

So, now I, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, am Keith Olbermann's "worst person of the week."

What I first have to put in perspective is that more people will read this article than watch him on MSNBC. So, Keith, you are welcome, I am actually doing you a favor by writing about you.
Keith Olbermann called me and all my Fox friends "snake-oil salesmen" because a doctor who never even saw my newest product, Mamajuana Energy, said it didn't work. Of course, he said it never worked for ED. It was never intended to work for ED. So the ill-informed doctor was right, therefore agreeing with how I position my product to begin with.

I have to wonder why I am so bad. Is it because I used my own money to form a partnership with Baywood International and start up a nutrition company, Layfield Energy? Is it because I have a fantastic hot new product, Mamajuana Energy, that you can get on www.mamajuanaenergy.com? It really is the hottest thing in retail in years. Try it, you will love it.

Is it because I work for Fox Business everyday at 6 p.m. ET on Neil Cavuto's show? Or is it because I wrestle for WWE where I am in the main event this weekend at Backlash for the WWE Championship? Or, is it because I do all of the above, have three jobs, work like crazy so I can support my family and me?

Of course, this is the same Keith Olbermann that bashed the annual Tribute to the Troops (which was my idea), where WWE takes our whole show to Iraq or Afghanistan to put on a Christmas show for the troops every year, five years running. I have been over there seven times. How many times do you think Keith Olbermann has been there? But, then he bashes those who go?

Maybe it's my work with the American Freedom Festival where the 12th Sergeant Major of the Army, Jack Tilley, and I, along with many others put on a show every Nov. 11 (Veterans Day) to raise money for wounded soldiers.

Or maybe it's just that Keith Olbermann is a person who is frustrated he is stuck in the witness protection program that is his television show that no one watches, and I am on Fox and WWE where the whole world watches.

Keith, you are sitting around doing shows bashing WWE, Fox and me -- and yet we don't do any on you. Is it because we are better than you? No, it's just that no one would watch if we did a show about you. However, you understand that no one would watch if you were to do a show on yourself, so you do shows on us. That perfectly illustrates who really is important, and who is just bitter they never made it.

Sorry your life turned out so bad, Keith.

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