JBL's Blog

JBL's Blog

My first blog of the New Year, and one of my resolutions is to update my website weekly including a new video each week. I have been really busy the past year with my new job on Wall Street. It is a time consuming process to take all the tests that are necessary to become official in the securities industry.

However, I love my new job. I get to work with all types of companies including my favorite, renewable energy. I really believe that America will become energy independent, but I believe it will come from the private sector and not the government. I don't have much faith in politicians, republican or democratic.

I also look forward to more study and activism on global warming, which goes hand in hand with renewable energy. The two are inseparable.

The main thrill I get each week is my role as color commentator. I love the art of commentary; it's a thrill to go to work for WWE. I have a suggestion to anyone who hates what they do, quit. Life is too short to complain.

I doubt I will ever be able to wrestle again, but one of my goals is to get back into shape in case I get the opportunity.

I look at our current roster and it gives me hope. I believe that MVP, Mr. Kennedy, and Bobby Lashley have really stepped up. It's great to see such future greats developing.

My next blogs will have more meat on them. I really like the style of JR's blog. JR has always been a longtime friend of mine, he even sent me Bar B Que for Christmas, which I plan to use this weekend during the football games. JR and I just root against each other one weekend a year when Texas plays Oklahoma.

After going to Iraq and Antarctica in December I am looking to a more normal travel schedule this year. I am on my way to a private island in the Bahamas after the TV taping this week. On second thought, maybe I'll start getting into shape after that.

I hope to have some announcements next year, and I plan on making them here.

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