I am overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback I have received from my debut column several weeks ago. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to update my column every two weeks, so you, the reader, can absorb and tell your friends about it.

I read and feel several of the ECW Superstars who have columns like to discuss themselves and really do not let the reader absorb their message. I know Elijah Burke, Matt Striker and The Miz are all very egotistical, but come on, guys, be original. I am basically going for quality over quantity. So let the Dreamer bashing begin amongst yourselves.

While we're on the topic of Dreamer bashing, I cannot believe that I am not in the running to face CM Punk at Cyber Sunday. Do you not remember that I won the chase to No Mercy and still have not been given my opportunity at the title, Armando Estrada? Do you not read poll results, Armando Estrada? Whatever the case may be, this is not the first obstacle I have overcome in ECW, and I am sure it will not be my last. It would have been nice to wrestle on that specific day since Oct. 28 is the anniversary of my first match ever. I'm disappointed, yes. Defeated, no. Just inspired.

Speaking of inspiring, John Cena finishing his match with Mr. Kennedy with a completely torn [pectoral muscle] is truly hardcore. John and I share something in common as I, too, tore my pec, bicep and shoulder in lovely Cleveland. John Cena had a tremendous championship run and never missed a beat. He deserves his unplanned vacation. John Cena is this generation's Hulk Hogan. He has put our business on his shoulders and carried it to as much success as possible. Read more on Cena's injury

Now, which WWE Superstar is going to step up and rise to the occasion? Who will carry the ball with the complete knowledge that when John Cena returns, he is gonna want what he deserves: The WWE Championship?

Take care, my Dreamer nation. We will rise up against all that is against us.

Tommy Dreamer

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