One hundred episodes

One hundred episodes

One hundred ECW episodes. Wow, time really does fly in the Land of the Extreme. It is time to reminisce, due to the success of the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD, as well as the extreme financial success of ECW One Night Stand 2005, the question of WWE reviving ECW arose.

In 2006, the question became a reality. ECW first aired on the Sci Fi Channel, and we are still airing today. I am not gonna dwell on the negatives of ECW; you can go back and read all of my Diary of Violence entries for the struggle of ECW. There are many armchair critics of the show. Hell, I am one of them of every show. The Sopranos ending was the worst ever. The ending of Seinfeld, horrible. Those two examples made the ECW Zombie seem like a good idea. (OK, maybe not.) I watch a lot of TV and wish the writers did other things, but guess what: It is their show and they can do as they please. I, as the viewer, have two choices: Watch or change the channel.

The Original ECW is still held dear in so many people's hearts, myself included. That is why the new ECW is so critiqued. The best part about sports-entertainment is things can change in a heartbeat.

Some of the good: I would never have been in WrestleMania 23 standing with Rob Van Dam, Sandman and Sabu if it wasn't for the new ECW. The rematch against the New Breed was a great match. Remember Hardcore Holly and RVD matches? Or how about the rise of CM Punk, John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, Elijah Burke, Big Daddy V ... hell even The Miz got better on ECW, and he sucked. Kofi Kingston will be a force in WWE because he is talented. I am sure Kelly Kelly will be the first ECW Diva on the cover of Playboy. I enjoy the Colin Delaney struggle for a contract and really loved our Extreme Rules Match in Chicago against The Miz & John Morrison. Bottom line is there are some great things about ECW and it is still a work in progress. I am happy to still be representing as the OG of ECW.

This week, I will do everything in my power to represent ECW against Mike Knox. You, the viewer, have two options: One, watch and don't give up, or two, change the channel. I will never stop trying to fight. I won't give up on you, the viewer, so please don't give up on me. Thanks for watching.

One hundred episodes is monumental in the television world. It usually means a show has made it and is going to be put into syndication. Many television producers and actors are inspired to get to that achievement. In the world of sports-entertainment, once the show has aired, we can sit back, take a deep breath of the accomplishment and prepare for episode 101.

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