Diary of Violence: Who would benefit from the WWE Draft?

Diary of Violence: Who would benefit from the WWE Draft?

I have not updated my Diary as a protest to the title reign of our now-former ECW World Champion, one Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Could I in my heart write about something positive in ECW with Vince as champ? I don't think so.

Vince, you were the worst champion in the history of ECW. You never defended your title head-to-head ever. I am very happy Bobby Lashley beat you. I hear you are losing your mind because of the title loss. Personally, I think you lost it a long time ago. Take some advice from a guy who loses a lot: It should not make you crazy. Losing builds character. Learn from your mistakes and grow from them.

Every time I lose, the people cheer for me louder and louder. That is something called respect from the audience. I guess I just answered my own question. It must really suck with an entire audience worldwide hating you so much, Vince, so best of luck in your future endeavors with that losing your mind thing. Welcome to the world of karma; I hear it is quite a b****.

I would like to discuss the upcoming WWE Draft. As a former matchmaker and GM in the original ECW, I am looking at each brand, as well as what Superstar would benefit the most with a change of scenery. I will take three people from each brand that would benefit the most coming to ECW.


1) Johnny Nitro -- This man has it all. I wish he was around during the days of the original ECW. Johnny is innovative, aggressive and does some amazing things in the ring. He needs a chance to get back in the title scene. He reminds me of RVD, HBK, and Sabu, but all in one package. ECW would be a perfect launching place for him to shine.

2) Shelton Benjamin -- Shelton is probably the most natural athlete I have ever seen. Everything I said about Nitro holds true for Shelton. But throw in his amateur background and suplexes like Tazz back in the day, and Shelton would be a major force in ECW.

3) Victoria -- Strange choice, I know, but I remember her Hardcore Match with Trish Stratus a few years ago. This girl is nuts. I would love for her to reunite with Stevie Richards, and those two would be quite a force to mess with.


1) Matt Hardy -- One-half of the brother duo sometimes referred to as "Team Extreme" has champion written all over him. He always comes so close, but somehow gets screwed in the end. Matt wrestles on both Raw and SmackDown, but if he settled in ECW, I feel he would benefit from it the most. ECW would also benefit from having someone who goes all out. Hardcore fans respect his ability.

2) Chris Benoit -- Chris has done it all on Raw and SmackDown. I do not want to say this too loud, but he is also an ECW Original, and I would love to watch him wrestle in ECW. He gives instant credibility to ECW as the toughest brand going.

3) Chavo Guerrero -- I know Chavo is the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, but he is a heavyweight main eventer in my eyes. ECW would be a great platform for him to go for the gold. Chavo can do it all in the ring, and I would love to see him break out of the pack in ECW.

The following are, in my opinion, Superstars who should leave ECW:

1) Kevin Thorn -- SmackDown is a perfect place for this 6-foot-5 bloodsucker. I would love to see him battle Kane, Boogeyman, Batista and eventually, Undertaker. He made a name for himself in ECW, now a move would definitely boost his career.

2) Snitsky -- Raw would benefit from this monster leaving ECW. I know he was there in the past, but he has rededicated himself and would be a good challenger to WWE Champion John Cena. Maybe Snitsky, The Great Khali and Umaga can form a modern-day version of Devestation Inc. Who would stop these three freaks?

3) Kelly Kelly -- Raw seems to take women who are not wrestlers and turns them into worldwide household names. Raw has a history of making Divas great. Kelly has some in-ring skills. Kelly is young and gorgeous. Look what Raw has done for this impressive list of Divas who did not start out as wrestlers. Sunny, Sable, Trish, Torrie. Hell, Kelly Kelly may even become the next Stacy Keibler.

4) Little Guido (aka Nunzio) -- SmackDown is the place for this crazy Italian to get back to championship form. The Cruiserweight Championship or teaming up with someone for some tag team gold is just a draft away.

5) The Major Brothers -- These kids were diehard ECW fans. They have a ton of potential. Brett and Brian, ECW does not have a tag title, so go to either Raw or SmackDown, win the gold, and then come back to your favorite organization.

6) Trinity -- Remember her? She needs to be seen on Raw. That body of hers is wasted not being seen every Monday night. Trinity can also wrestle so it would be a boost to the women's division.

7) Balls Mahoney -- Balls needs to leave ECW. He also needs to change his clothes, since he is wrestling in the same actual clothes that he wrestled in during his tenure in the original ECW, but that is another story. Maybe Balls could join that Devestation Inc. group I was talking about with Snitsky. Balls needs to get pissed off and start hurting people. Maybe hooking up with a partner and challenging for some tag team gold would also help.

I just realized ECW has a lot of people that would benefit from the Draft. I also realized ECW does not have anyone to make the picks for the Draft. I accept the job, if given. I always have what is best for the ECW fans in mind.

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