Lovin' Life, No. 6

Lovin' Life, No. 6

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Michelle McCool kicks off 2008 with a new edition of Lovin' Life. This week, she discusses Tribute to the Troops, her black eye and how she keeps her hair looking the way it does.

Hey guys! Just wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to send me a quick note. I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Remember faith, heart and soul can get you further than you can ever imagine. Lovin' Life .... Michelle McCool

Question: I am a disabled veteran, just out of the Air Force, still living at Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas. I had to deal with some rough situations recently, especially while I was deployed to Afghanistan. Sometimes it would help to think of you and many of the WWE wrestlers who sacrifice so much (including time away from your families, which I have a ton of experience with). I appreciate the hard work you put in to entertaining people everywhere you go. Thanks for all you do! Happy Holidays! - Lisa

Michelle McCool: Hi, Lisa! I'm sorry to hear about your recent difficulties. I am breathless just reading your kind note. Lisa ... you are truly a hero and inspiration to many. I can't thank you enough for what you do for our country. It just touches my heart to hear you say that thinking of us put a smile on your face. Wow!!! We do sacrifice a lot, but it's nothing in comparison to what you and the Troops do for us. I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Question: Hi, I heard that you got a black eye and a broken nose from Victoria at one of the live events. The eye looked pretty bad on SmackDown, but do you think it will cause you to miss any time? Plus, you guys came here last February 10. Do you think that you will be coming here any time soon? That could be a live Raw, SD/ECW taping or any live event. -- Gurpreet

Michelle McCool: Hi, Gurpreet! Yes, the black eye was pretty bad -- or good, depending on how you look at it. It felt bad, but I thought it looked pretty cool. I wear it as a badge of honor. I have some pretty cool pictures from the days following it. I looked like a raccoon. However, a fractured nose from Victoria certainly wasn't going to keep me out of the ring by any means (she's not that tough). I actually wrestled two straight nights in Europe after it happened! Believe me ... she has hers coming and I can promise it'll be a lot worse than my black eyes!

Question: I collect all the action figures of the wrestlers I like. There is one problem though. There is no Michelle McCool action figure. Are there any plans for one in the future? That would be so great. The only thing Michelle McCool I can find are playing cards and pictures. My mom's getting me a couple of 8 x 10's for Christmas. Also, my mom wants to know what kind of shampoo you use, as your hair looks really nice. - Kamran

Michelle McCool: Hi, Kamran! It's not fair, right? I think we should start a "We want a Michelle McCool action figure" petition. What do you think? There isn't one yet, but hopefully in the very near future. Tell your mom thanks for the compliment. I actually use Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner. It's inexpensive and good!

Question: I usually watch the Raw brand of WWE, but I sometimes watch SmackDown. You do awesome work in the ring. I just read your quote from Psalms. I was just wondering if that means you are a Christian. Your letter was very uplifting and means a lot to me at this point in my life. - Mark

Michelle McCool: Hi, Mark. You got it! Yes, I am a Christian! Thanks for taking the time to watch and send me a quick note! Yes, that is definitely one of my favorite verses.

Do you have questions of your own for Michelle? If so, e-mail her and get your answers!

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