Striker's lessons

Striker's lessons

The Extreme Educator talks candidly about cheating in all forms, detention and the world of fashion in the July edition of WWE Magazine. has the exclusive content not seen in the magazine. Check it out.

What have you learned in the ring that no classroom ever taught you?

That blind rage is okay. And that being an emotional living creature and feeling all kinds of energy is okay and acceptable.

Would you consider going back to teaching after wrestling?

My ultimate goal is to leave a legacy in this sport. I do firmly believe that I'll stick around, god willing. I hope that my wrestling career will segway to a announcing career and that will segway into a position of authority within the corporate WWE. If I ever choose to get back to teaching I'll embrace that because it's a challenge, it's a meeting of the minds, but the way society is changing, kids in 20 years are going to be dumb. They'll be drones doing what everyone else does.

Is it harder to be the center of attention with 30 kids watching you in a classroom or thousands watching you in an arena?

Whether it's 30 kids watching me, or 30 million people watching me, I'm really not there. I'm in my own little world. There are 30 million people watching me, but I am in my own world. So to be the center of attention—you can't help but to turn your eyes to me. I walk into a room and you know I'm there. If I elicit emotions out of you, whether as a fan or as a student, at least I'm eliciting those emotions and you know that you're alive and I'm bringing that out of you.

Your thoughts on Extreme Expose, do they deserve detention?

You know, I can obviously say that I don't condone pornography or nudity disguised as art, because I'm a Republican and conservative and I believe in a certain way society should be. With that said. Kelly Kelly, Brooke and Layla want to gyrate and expose themselves I've learned that if I don't like it, I look away. I cannot try to give them detention it's like beating a dog that doesn't know why you're beating it

Be honest, do teachers get as bored in class as students do?

I can only speak for myself but a problem I've had for some time now is that I can't turn my brain off. I hear music, sounds, I have concepts and ideas I see numbers all kinds of Twilight Zone stuff in my head. So bored? You have no idea what being bored is. What was bad was when I was bored; I would purposely screw with them for entertainment. Boredom comes to me all the time, it's just a question of how I handle it and if I'm controlling the situation or not. 

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