Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 05/01/07

Matt Striker's Word of the Week for 05/01/07

As the warmer weather approaches throughout much of the continental United States, I sit on my patio and gaze at the water. I hear birds, and I smell the air. I ponder how I can help someone on this day. You see, it is my goal to leave a legacy. I have several ways that this will be done -- I just have not decided exactly when. Or perhaps, that is not up to me….

What I can control is YOUR lesson -- the things you learn and experience that will ultimately contribute to your part in my legacy.

So the word for this week shall be: MINSTRELSY -- writing that uses rhythm, cadence, time, and feeling coupled with vivid language designed to provoke.

I love to provoke.

I am a laureate of minstrelsy, as I tend to move people with words far greater than anyone who has ever come before me.

Of course, as all great artists tend to do, I, too, recognize genius amongst me. Which is probably why I feel so alone most of the time -- but that is a reflection for another lesson.

Below is an example of our word in an amendment to a work entitled November Spawned a Monster. Witness the minstrelsy as you squint your eyes and crinkle your eyebrows in ignorance, as you rub your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and smack your lips in envy. As you marvel at your own misunderstanding of the words of a mere boy:

       November Spawned a Monster

"At times, I look around this ball of clay that we walk upon so proudly and think: save me from pity, sympathy and people discussing me.

A mere frame of useless limbs, what can make good, all the bad that's been done?

"November spawned a monster in the shape of a child who must remain a hostage to kindness and a peer to the weakest.

Oh, one fine day, let it be soon. It won't be rich or beautiful, or evil and vengeful

But it will be walking your streets..."


Now many of you will be confused, I expect this. Many of you will mock this -- I embrace that. But some of you -- perhaps, only one of you -- will understand this.

I ask ... no, I dare … one to make your attempt at a legacy.

Entice the world with your words! They do not have to rhyme; they do not have to be big and boastful.

They must only have feeling!!


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